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We are proud to present our experienced and skilled DJs for any of your events.  As we wait for the world to shift back where we will be able to enjoy the sounds of our favorite songs in our favorite clubs, we invite you to check out our DJs and book them in advance for your next event: it can be a virtual affair, a private party, or your next corporate gala or even your wedding.
We got you covered: top 40, R&B, hip hop, house music, disco, world beat, best of 80's & 90's, and more!
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Similar to Bond 007, “God-D” has an alter-ego, Don Barbarino, which allows him to beautifully purvey and express his intense love & passion for soulful house music as well; an appreciation that he has garnered just as long as his love for hip hop.  Trained and moulded in hip hop’s school of hard knocks, Don Barbarino has been spinning records for years.

Having received major accolades and respect from the entire Montreal hip hop and House Music community over the past 3 decades, “D” is now concentrating into building his own Label with DJ Soul P called “5 Starz Dope Soundz”


  • WMC
  • Piknic Electronik
  • Pied du Courant
  • Micasa
  • Gala Dynastie






I am a yoga +meditation teacher, speaker, producer and international DJ Seriousblack. 

I am a little boy mama, I’m an aquarius (double scorpio, in case anyone was asking) I’m a lover of all things soulful and analog, basically an analog girl in a digital world. I love sneakers, vinyls, and street art aka graffitti; one of my favorite movies is High Fidelity. 

I love road trips, 90s rap and hip hop culture, oat milk lattes and quiet mornings with books. I am also the forerunner of embracing chaos and how to do that without losing your shit. Yes I cuss, it's good for clearing your throat chakra and to make sure everyone's listening. 

Yoga, meditation, music and conversation are the practices that bring me back to myself, the passions of my life and I want to share that passion with you. 


  • Coachella
  • Wanderlust
  • Lole White Tour
  • Montreal Jazz Festival
  • Juste pour rire / Just for laughs



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